Mid-Week Muse- The Window Seat

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Inspiration for your Wednesday coffee-break moment

Whether you live in a mansion or a studio apartment, every house needs a cozy, retreat corner like the window seat. Most commonly used for breakfast seating, as a reading nook, storage, or as extra seating in smaller spaces, they are practical furnishing solutions in any kind of home design. Whatever the function, there’s no denying the décor appeal it adds to a space, not to mention the many benefits.

If you haven’t got one of these already make it your next project! You don’t need much space to install one and the building process is straightforward. For the ardent DIY-ers there’s countless internet tutorials on how to build one. Consider installing it by a window to take advantage of natural lighting, then finish it off with accessories like plush seat pads, soft cushions and comfy throw rugs; in no time at all you’ll have a nice new area for entertaining, reading, or just sitting and looking out the window.  

Super elongated window seat featured in Elle magazine
Gorgeous window seat overlooking arboreal views. Featured on
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My Five for this Wednesday….

This nostalgia-invoking console table crafted in timeless design and finished in antique white, a true classic!

The khaki-coloured clothing and earthy toned home-decor currently in stores everywhere.

For the Game of Thrones fanatic; the series may be over but you can keep the Starks alive with House Stark inspired decor.

Add some boho loveliness to your space with this Rattan arched floor lamp

Lastly, create the perfect aura in your bathroom (or wherever you want) with rear glow back-lit mirrors. They’re sleek, glamorous, and right on trend.

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